SEMT: Survival Emergency Training Course:

1 day Course



SEMT: Survival Emergency Training 

A practical 1 day first aid course designed for people who work in the outdoors or who use the outdoors for pleasure. The course is suitable for first aid training for Teachers, Outdoor Instructors, Climbers and Canoeists alike. It is recognised as the minimum first aid qualification for MTUK, ML Summer and Winter Awards, Single Pitch Supervisors Award, RYA, BCU, BASI, ASSI, BOF, and by most other Governing Bodies. Practical first aid scenarios play a big part in this course, including dealing with multiple casualty situations.

The course provides learners with the skills and knowledge to act promptly, effectively and reassuringly in a wide range of emergency outdoor situations.

The course includes:

  • 1 Day On-Site training on dates/times of your choosing
  • Detailed practical demonstrations
  • Fun, dynamic and memorable training methods to optimise learner recall, knowledge and confidence
  • Certificates valid for 3 years

Who is this course suitable for

This is a comprehensive 1 day course that is suitable for members and group leaders of activity groups, Outdoor Instructors, Climbers and Canoeists Skiers and adventure centres – those that have responsibility for taking groups of children and young adults on outdoor activities, such as camping trips, bike rides or outdoor walking pursuits.

Certification is dependent on successfully completing parctical assessment and passing multiple choice tests. Those delegates who complete the course, and are deemed to have reached the required standard, are awarded a certificate that is valid for three years.