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5 Day Course



MHET:Medical Hostile Environment Medical Training Course

Course Overview:


The Medical Hostile Environment Medical Training Course is designed specifically for Close Protection Operators deploying to high threat regions. Five-day First Aid at Work qualification as a pre-requisite for attendance, this four-day course covers a range of enhanced life-saving skills, such as:


  • The aggressive management of life threatening externalcompressible bleeding
  • Stepwise airway control
  • Effective breathing and ventilator support
  • Ballistic wounding and more

Realistic and challenging scenarios are designed to demonstrate practical responses by a security operator to a variety of medical emergencies. The programme is progressive and increases in tempo over time to develop participants’ confidence and competence in dealing with clinical problems in hostile environments.

About the course

The course covers the following core practical skills:

  • Rapid patient assessment using <C>AcBCDE
  • Manual airway control techniques
  • NP and OP insertion, surgical airway and laryngeal mask airway insertion, use of bag valve mask and oxygen.
  • Needle decompression of chest
  • Application of tourniquet and homeostatic agent
  • Vascular access with cannula or IO device
  • Fluid resuscitation strategy
  • Prevention of hypothermia
  • Management of cardiac chest pain, adult BLS and defibrillation with AED