Fire Awareness: Fire Awareness Training Course:

2 Hour Course



Fire Awareness Training 

This course is designed for employees who have never received Fire Training or require an essential refresher. The training meets the requirements under the fire safety legislation (NI) 2010. The Legislation states that All Employees should have Fire Safety Training at Induction and periodically thereafter. This will prepare delegates should a fire break out.

The course provides the skills and knowledge to act promptly, effectively and reassuringly in a wide range of fire emergency situations.

The course includes:

  • Employee responsibilities with regard to Fire Safety
  • The danger of fire and how it can spread
  • How to Prevent Fires and Safe Working Practices
  • Fire classification and the methods of extinguishing different types of fire
  • The correct Procedure to take in the Event of Fire
  • A discussion regarding local arrangements is normally promoted