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3 Day Course



FAW: First Aid at Work

This course covers all the aspects needed by a first aider in the workplace. The course will give you the confidence and knowledge to deal with range of first aid incidents

This course is for individuals intending to fulfil the post of First Aider at Work, or anyone wanting a comprehensive introduction to First Aid. The course is open to anyone aged 14 yrs or over, although under 16s will need to be accompanied by an adult (family member, guardian or written family consent).

The course will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with a range of first aid incidents in the workplace. Delegates will gain the skills necessary to give effective life support, diagnose and treat injuries and illness and deliver care and comfort to the casualty.

First Aid in the Workplace
Responsibilities of the First Aider
Action in an Emergency
Primary Survey
Secondary Assessment
Breathing and Circulation
Principles of Resuscitation inc CPR
Disorders of Respiration/Airway obstruction and breathing disorders
Disorders of the Circulation inc shock and heart attack
- Wounds and Bleeding
Bites and Stings
Disorders of Consciousness
Foreign objects- Burns and Scalds
- Bones, Joints and Muscle Injuries
Effects of Heat and ColdChild and Baby Basic Life Support

The course is usually delivered over three consecutive days. We can tailor courses to meet your specific requirements. The course is normally deliver at the client’s premises specifically for their employees

Assessment is in the form of tutor observation, a series of practical assessments and multiple choice question papers.

Upon successful completion of the course, first aiders are awarded with certification and a first aider identity card for three years after which, re-qualification becomes necessary. If your qualification is within 1 month of expiring, you may attend a 2 day requalification course. However, if your qualification has expired for more than one month, but less than 3 months, you may attend the requal course if you have attended refresher training within the initial 3 years. If your qualification has expired for over 3 months, you must attend the full 3 day FAW course. It is strongly recommended that you update your skills by taking an annual refresher. Please note that although anyone aged 14+ can attend this course and be certificated as such. It is only when the young learner reaches the age of 16 and able to work full-time; that the official title of First Aider can come into effect.

We are committed to supporting the delegates on our courses, therefore upon successful completion you will be able to access first aid advice from our highly experienced instructors should you have any queries in the future. We will remind you when your qualification requires updating.